“Those are some big tires you have there…”

This was the standard greeting any time we crossed paths with non-cyclists along the trail. I was used to odd looks and even judgement when riding fat bikes, but my ego took immediate umbrage when it was followed up with, “How do you like your e-bike?” Clearly, an assumption was being made based on our fully stuffed frame and saddle bags, or maybe most onlookers couldn’t appreciate the logic or even the physics of towing an infant behind a fat bike without some sort of artificial assistance. Either way, my pride was quick to assert that we were fully human powered.

One curious observer was startled when our Thule Cross Chariot attached to the back of my bike suddenly stirred. “Oh, there’s something living in there?!” Yep. That something was our nine-month-old son Oliver. It was fair to forget he was in there at times, buried within pillows and sleeping bags wedged around him for extra comfort and protection. He definitely preferred it when the chariot was moving and he verbalized his annoyance if we loitered too long. Like his parents, he’s not much into small talk.

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